The first step is the hardest

 and you have taken it...

I built a multi million dollar rental portfolio while working full time in medicine and raising two kids under 6. Passive income from this portfolio helped me become Financially Independent at 41.

I know you can do it in half the time!

Because I'm going to tell you what I got wrong about FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE for so many years, and how to get it right.


FIRST things first:

If you have ever felt

  • Paralyzed because you don’t know WHETHER YOU ARE INVESTING RIGHT
  • Confused because you don’t know if you are SAVING ENOUGH FOR RETIREMENT

this workshop is for you...

At the end of this workshop you will leave with

  • CLARITY about how your portfolio is currently working for you and your Financial Independence Number
  • 3 STEPS you can take right away to supercharge returns in the next 90 days 
Demystify your current Portfolio and Accelerate to Financial Independence

Don't have time to watch the Workshop? Download this FREE Financial Independence Worksheet and Figure out:

  • How much you need every month to cover all your expenses
  • How much Passive Income you have TODAY based on your current portfolio
  • How long it's going to take you get to Financial Freedom doing what you are doing now

How much do you need for Financial Freedom?

And how long before you are Financially Free? Totally depends on your asset allocation and the investment vehicles you picked. 

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Why invest in real estate over stocks?

5 ways real estate investing is safer and superior to investing in the stock market...

Tell me Why

Don't think you have enough time ?

To build a real estate portfolio and manage it? Read this post where I talk about how passive direct ownership of real estate can be...

Show me how?

Think you don't have the money to invest in rentals?

Best part about investing in real estate is the ability to use creative financing - other people's money, leverage and so many other strategies to get started with little to no money...

Find out how

What's the Short Term Rental craze about?

So many investors are flocking to Short Term Rentals for higher returns and huge tax savings. See if it's the right next step for you

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Want to know if you are getting a Good Deal?

Run numbers for your Long Term or Short Term Rentals and see if they cash flow using these Free Cash on Cash Calculators

FREE CALCULATOR to help you Run Numbers for your next deal


can make or break your investing journey


is the shortcut to success that you have been looking for


over everything you need to know to build a real estate empire

Learn more about my signature course CREATING GENERATIONAL FREEDOM - through investing in real estate

If you have ever considered investing Out of State

  • Wondering IF it's a good idea
  • Want to know WHAT to look for when picking the right market
  • HOW you would manage being a busy professional, parent and out of state investor

This webinar is for you!

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Together we go farther...

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